Latest Past Events

CutThroat Karaoke with Nikko Forsberg

The Hub | Pub & Eatery 16102 Hwy 3A, Crawford Bay

Get a kick-start to your Starbelly weekend! The Hub brings you “CutThroat Karaoke” this Thursday, July 27th at 9PM - with your host, Kootenay jazz/heavy metal/fashion legend, Nikko Forsberg! Caution:  an event not for the faint of heart!

Dallas Wolbaum Live at the Hub

The Hub | Pub & Eatery 16102 Hwy 3A, Crawford Bay

Join us at the Hub for a special evening of classic rock and outlaw country, featuring one of our Kootenay greats, Dallas Wolbaum! As the lead vocalist/guitarist of the Cropdusters, Dallas has entertained fans far and wide over the past 20 years with his talent, humour and connection with his audience. Don't miss this one, …


Valentine’s Day Dinner!

Join us Tuesday, February 14th for a special evening with live soft jazz performed by the very talented Nikko Forsberg.